Greener Cities

Climate change is real and we must act.

Greener Cities

The Challenge

According to NASA, eighteen of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001. Human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.

The Solution

Though sustainable transportation, investing and protecting natural landscapes, we can reduce our human impact on the environment.

Our partners

The 4 Nonprofits

Together, these nonprofits implement a range of strategies - from bike lanes to protecting local biodiversity - focused on making our city more sustainable.

Boston, MA

Boston Harbor Now

We work to keep Boston’s waterfront, harbor and islands clean, healthy and accessible.

San Francisco

Friends of the Urban Forest

FUF has planted over 60,000 trees, nearly half of San Francisco's street tree canopy.

New York, NY

New York Restoration Project

New York Restoration Project (NYRP) is a non-profit dedicated to transforming open space in under-resourced communities to create a safer, healthier, and happier New York City.



Founded in 1963, Openlands has helped protect more than 55,000 acres of land for public parks and forest preserves, wildlife refuges, land and water greenway corridors, urban farms, and community gardens.

Latest from Instagram

2 days ago - @emeraldnecklaceconservancy

What an amazing night! We’re so thankful for the opportunity to throw out tonight’s first pitch at Fenway. Congratulations to Michael Sherman, our first pitch raffle winner, on his beautiful throw!

2 days ago - @nyrp

This park has it all: waterfront access, a mountain bike trail, and a gorgeous urban jungle feel. For years, Highbridge Park was used as an illegal dumping ground but through hard work it has transitioned into the high quality green space we believe every New Yorker should have access to. This week, volunteers from Capital One blew us away with how much they accomplished, planting over 50 shrubs and hundreds of perennials along the edge of Highbridge Park across from Dyckman Houses. These plants will help absorb stormwater runoff that floods the sidewalks along Dyckman St. creating hazardous conditions in the winter. Thank you for helping NYRP’s mission to make communities safer, healthier and happier! #nyrp #nycparks #nycha #parks #mountainbiking #greening

3 days ago - @nyrp

Today's the big day for the Williams Avenue Community Garden opening in #Brooklyn! Join us for this jam-packed event where community members will enjoy an assortment of activities including dance and music, along with BBQ from 10am to 3pm! LINK IN THE BIO

3 days ago - @nyrp

There’re only a few weeks left to get a free tree NYC! Check out our Tree Giveaway page to find #freetrees near you! LINK IS IN THE BIO

4 days ago - @openlands.chicago

At McHenry County’s Fel-Pro RRR Conservation Area, you can enjoy the outdoors pretty much anyway you like. With options for biking, hiking, fishing, ADA-accessible trails, beach volleyball, and more, there’s something for everyone. Check it out next time you’re in the Cary area! Photo: @crystalfluff . . . . . Share your favorite places to get outside in the Chicago Region by tagging your photos with #DiscoverYourPlace.

4 days ago - @emeraldnecklaceconservancy

Wow! What an incredible day on the Emerald Necklace. To all partygoers, donors, volunteers, vendors, partners and more — YOU made today a wonderful success. Thank you for being a part of Party in the Park! || #ENCPIP

4 days ago - @nyrp

Join us this weekend for a free outdoor, garden performance with our partners at @leimayfoundation ! On Saturday & Sunday, May 18 & 19, participants from the Tadashi Endo’s LEIMAY LUDUS Performance Lab will dazzle spectators with their free Butoh presentation @ 2pm at the Dorothy Strelsin Memorial Garden in the #LowerEastSide! See you there! #weekendgoals #LEIMAYPROGRAMS #tadashiendo #dorothystrelsinmemorialgarden #nyrp #communitygarden #freeperformance #butoh #nycbutoh #arts #culture #dance #happyhumpday

5 days ago - @nyrp

Take a glimpse into Seagirt Boulevard Community Garden in #FarRockaway #Queens where being a community gardener means soaking in the sun, skipping the gym, and working out in a garden with great people who are changing communities in all the right ways! #gardenworkout #gardenwork #gardenworkday #NYRPCommunityGardenersRock

5 days ago - @openlands.chicago

Located just over an hour’s drive from downtown Chicago, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie is an outdoor recreation haven. It’s home to 22 miles of mixed use trails, it’s an excellent spot to explore for its history and ecology, and it’s now a home for a herd of bison. . . . . . Share your favorite places to get outside in the Chicago Region by tagging your photos with #DiscoverYourPlace.

6 days ago - @nyrp

Last week NYRP had the pleasure of revamping the tenant community garden at Rutgers Houses with an amazing group of volunteers from HPS Investment Partners and Leticia, the longtime manager of the garden. The unwavering enthusiasm of the volunteers, even in a rainstorm, and Leticia’s dedication to the space made the work an absolute joy. We’re so excited to watch this community and its garden grow! #nycha #communitygardens #urbanagriculture #greennyc

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